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Interview: How the West Was Lost

EPPC Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz joined Richard M. Reinsch II on the Law and Liberty podcast “Law Liberty Talk” to discuss his new book The Lost History of Western Civilization.

“Western Civ” Was Not a Late Invention

The claim that “Western civilization” as a concept and a course of study was invented during World War I is mistaken. Under only slightly different names, Western Civ has been taught since colonial times, appealing across the political spectrum until the late 1960s.

The Greatest Study of Western Civilization Ever Written

If there is one early history of the West still worth reading in this day and age, Francois Guizot’s The History of Civilization in Europe is definitely it.

Two Secularizations and the Fate of Conservatism

Ever since William F. Buckley’s day, the conservative movement has grown in response to the departure of secular radicals from the national consensus, first with the increasing rejection of traditional religious morality by the left, more recently with the left’s departure from core tenets of liberal democracy and its refusal to embrace our national and civilizational stories.

Getting Rid of Columbus Day Entirely Is a Sad Development

Western civilization remains, for all its historical faults, the noblest civilization mankind has yet devised. Celebrations that fail to recognize that and focus only on the West’s imperfect past implicitly reject the ideas that make our society worth living in today.

Democracy and Its Discontents

Sorting out this season of democratic disorientation and charting the path of democratic renewal requires a sober assessment of democracy’s present discontents and a refresher course in some basic truths about the nature of the democratic project and the conditions necessary for its flourishing.

Why We Shouldn’t Expect Iranian Protests to Usher in a Democracy

Muslim peoples across the Middle East have struggled with separating modernization from Westernization without compromising themselves. We must be cautious in our response to the demonstration in Iran, and remember that the people of the Middle East value their identity.