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Remembering Rob Odle

Rob Odle was a sterling exception to that world of legal gamesmanship, and it was, and is, attorneys like him who make Washington work, when it does.

Washington, D.C.: My Boyhood Olympus

To someone who grew up in the Washington of the 1940s and 50s, the city is unrecognizable one minute, but in the next, it is the same as it always was: corrupt, yet sacred — a rascally and fallible and enchanted place: a city built low to the ground, spacious and full of trees and obscurely haunted.

In Defense of Washington, D.C.

The image of Washington as a cesspool of preening pretense is not completely libelous, but neither is it the whole story.

The Myth of Washington Gridlock

Today’s much-bemoaned gridlock on the Potomac has a cause deeper than the American system of government: it’s cultural rather than structural.

Gehry’s Middle Finger

The gullible bureaucrats responsible for hiring Frank Gehry for the Eisenhower Memorial put the American taxpayer into the hands of a fashionable architect whose works, quite frankly, are already starting to look clichéd and dated.