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RIP, Rush Limbaugh. Your Legacy Lives On.

Just as Babe Ruth’s discovery that an uppercut swing could launch massive home runs created modern baseball, so, too, did Rush Limbaugh’s discovery that people wanted opinion to color the presentation of facts create the modern political news industry.

Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Commission Is an Excellent Idea — If It’s Done Right

The evidence produced at former president Donald Trump’s impeachment trial that showed some intended to kill Vice President Mike Pence and Pelosi demonstrated how close the event came to being catastrophically worse. We must get to the bottom of what happened and why.

Trump Might Fade Away Faster Than People Think

After leaving office, Donald Trump will no longer be able to shape the news with his every breath, and that alone gives other Republicans space to enter the field.

New Data Shows Both a Hopeful and Worrying Portrait of Race in America

Realizing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream has been much more difficult than most Americans imagined. The realities of racial progress and discrimination co-exist today.

Americans Want Unity. Here’s Why That’s Still So Difficult to Achieve.

For years, activists on both the right and left have demonized each other as beyond the pale of reasonable discourse.

The Capitol Riot Shows How Fragile a Free Nation Can Be

Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol was unconscionable, unpatriotic and despicable.

Take a Lesson from Tom Cotton, Republicans

Many conservatives are genuinely torn over proposals to challenge the electoral college vote. Sen. Tom Cotton’s statement explaining why he will oppose such challenges is an excellent explanation of why they are a bad idea.

Raphael Warnock Might Really Be Too Radical for Georgia

If Georgia were a safe Democratic state, or even one that leans blue, such as Virginia, there’s no doubt Raphael Warnock would win. But the Peach State is anything but that, and therein lies his problem.

The Supreme Court Finally Has a Majority That Will Protect Religious Freedom

Liberals have often defended the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence as a defense of minority rights against majority tyranny. Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation shows there is now a court majority that recognizes religious rights are worthy of constitutional protection, too.

Joe Biden Is Going to Need a New China Strategy

President-elect Joe Biden’s new national security team is a distinguished collection of men and women with long experience in global affairs. One wonders, however, if that experience will help or hinder them in grasping the challenges posed by a newly assertive China.