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Seeing Red and Feeling Blue: America’s Rotten National Mood

Injury can bring a country together. But this is a compound fracture to the national psyche.

Religious Liberty Isn’t Enough

President Biden’s pledge to heal and unify seems to mean giving the far left everything it demands in the culture wars. Conservatives therefore must resist. Yet in doing so we must avoid the trap of framing every debate as if it were about religious liberty.

An Unfunny Thing Happened on the Way to 2021

Polarization, political correctness and Covid-19 have produced a hostile environment for humor.

Trump’s White House at the End of the Line

Not even in the bitterest, most furious days of the late ’60s were Americans as alienated from one another as they are now.

The Amazing, Horrifying Age of Exaggeration

Hyperbole was more fun in Mencken’s age. Today it’s become ugly and fanatical, a weapon in a holy war.

FDR, Coronavirus and the Politics of Bravado

When Mr. Trump tells his fellow citizens not to be intimidated by the coronavirus, not to let it “dominate” them, he does a perfectly Trumpian thing: He invites them to share in an optative, mind-over-matter metaphysics that is the key to his relationship to the truth and the workings of his presidency.

People of Praise Deserves Ours

America has a lot to learn from Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘covenant community.’

Before Reporting Became ‘Journalism’

It would be silly to idealize the old journalism, which had its problems, including excessive deference to authority and massive sins of omission in the scope of its curiosity; anyway, it belonged to a different world. But it had this virtue: The work, subduing the ego of the reporter, implied respect for the independent mind of the reader.

Dawn of the Woke

Joe McCarthy was a B-movie monster. Today’s cancel culture is more like a zombie apocalypse.

A Paradox for the Next Pope

The church’s path to a vital future runs, as always, through first-century Galilee.