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No, Georgia’s New Voting Law Is Not a Return to Jim Crow

Democrats have been tarnishing Georgia’s new voting law, saying it represents a return to Jim Crow. That calumny besmirches an effort that largely succeeds at balancing extensive voter access with strong election integrity.

The Democrats’ Voting Rights Bill Is an Assault on Election Integrity

The primary danger of the “For the People Act” lies in its virtual abolition of any safeguards to ensure that a vote represents the true desire of a single, eligible voter.

How Women Made the Moral Case for Suffrage

The suffragists worked for seventy years to convince both males and other females that women ought to share in the political responsibilities of republican government. The arguments that won the day one hundred years ago should help us think correctly about rights today.

Pardon Me? Pro-Life Heroine Anthony Left a Lasting Pro-Life Legacy

Susan B. Anthony believed that by directly challenging unjust laws, she was not just being a good citizen of the United States, but she was remaining obedient to God, who created both man and woman in his image and likeness.

The Voting Wars Are a Danger to Our Democracy

Democratic transfer of power can work only if the loser accepts the outcome. That, in turn, happens only if it is widely recognized that the process is broadly fair and free from manipulation.

There’s Plenty of Room to Compromise on Mail-In Voting. Get It Done.

November’s election is already likely to be vicious. That makes it crucial that both sides prepare to ensure the process itself is inclusive and trustworthy.

Preserve Our Election

Voting in the traditional way requires us to do the very thing that epidemiologists and public-health authorities have forbidden us to do — gather in large groups for prolonged periods. Why not extend voting from one day to seven days?

Hillary’s Felonious Friends in Virginia

Longtime Clinton loyalist Terry McAuliffe is defying a court order and restoring voting rights to convicted felons.

The Right to ‘Mobocracy’

Many early Americans thought liberty was inextricably linked with property and thus wanted to restrict the vote to the well-to-do.