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So Much for Trump’s ‘Love’ of the Military

President Trump has made concern for “our great military” one of his calling cards. So where is his rage at Putin for putting targets on their backs?

Ukraine’s Presidential Election Was, among Other Things, a Rebuke to Moscow

It’s in the West’s interest to support Ukraine in its democratic transition.

Will Conservatives Give Russia a Pass?

The conservative media world, along with all but a few Republican members of Congress, are ignoring the copious evidence in the Mueller report that Russia interfered in our election and continues to do so.

Trump’s Fatal Attraction

There is just no mistaking it; our president gets excited in the presence of dictators.

In Ukraine, a Seismic Ecclesiastical Shift

The shifting templates of world Christianity do not often reshape the surface of world politics in the post-modern world. The creation of the autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine may well be an exception.

An Orthodox Fracture with Serious Consequences

While Catholicism has been embroiled in a crisis of sexual abuse and episcopal malfeasance reaching to the highest levels of the Church, Eastern Orthodoxy may be on the verge of an epic crack-up with major ecumenical and geopolitical consequences.

Putin Is Obsessed with the Magnitsky Act. Does Trump Understand?

Those who follow relations with Russia know that Vladimir Putin used the fate of Russian orphans to retaliate against the United States for the Magnitsky Act.

Freedom Is Never Free

In Lviv, Ukraine, a vibrant church and an exceptional university being built are signs of hope in a world where the bad news sometimes seems to be all the news there is.

Patriarch Kirill and Mr. Putin

The Russian Church suffered terribly under Lenin, Stalin, and their heirs. Its martyrs, who number in the millions, are dishonored when the bishops of a putatively free Church play the role of chaplain to the omnipotent and infallible czar, rather than speaking truth to power.

Why Would You Want Putin as a Friend?

You have to overlook a lot to imagine that Russia’s intentions toward the United States and the West are benign.