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The Next Pope and Vatican Diplomacy

The institutional default positions in Vatican diplomacy do not reflect two lessons taught by the late 20th century: the only authority the Holy See has in world politics today is moral authority; that moral authority is depleted when the Church fails to speak the truth to power, especially totalitarian and authoritarian power.

The Vatican’s Choice: Jimmy Lai or Xi Jinping?

Around the world, voices have been raised in support of Hong Kong’s brave pro-democracy demonstrators. Has the Holy See’s voice been heard?

Doubling Down on a Bad Deal

The bloom is off the Chinese rose just about everywhere in the world. So it is more than disturbing that the Holy See should be doubling down on what everyone (except those directly involved in cutting it) thinks is a very bad deal between the Vatican and China.

The Martini Curve Revisited

In recent years, certain empirical facts have become unmistakable: The local Churches that have tried hardest to play catch-up with “history” and “the times” are collapsing.

New Year’s Resolutions for Concerned Catholics: A Few Suggestions

May 2020 be a year full of grace for everyone. (We’ll all need it.)

Cokie and Lindy

Remembering Cokie Roberts also offers the opportunity to make a belated tribute to her mother, who also deserves to be celebrated.

The Vandals Sack Rome….Again

Is there a red hat in Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia’s future? If so, it will be as a reward for knee-capping scholars of impeccable scholarly credentials and personal probity, deeply beloved by their students.

“Uncle Ted” and Me…

The notion that Theodore McCarrick was some sort of moderating centrist whose analysis of the condition of the Church in the United States was both correct and important has now leapt the Atlantic. And it is doing grave damage in Rome, and beyond.

Unfinished Business

For ecclesiastical leaders to begin to regain the confidence of their flocks, they’re going to have to find ways to overcome the distrust of one another.

Introducing: The Catholic Project

No one needs to be sold on the importance of a robust and faithful response to the Catholic Church’s current sexual-abuse crisis. But if everyone agrees that the Church is in crisis, there’s less agreement about just what the nature of the crisis is, what caused it, or how to fix it. That’s where The Catholic Project comes in.