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A Stupid Anti-Israel Policy

And an awful speech by John Kerry.

The Pontifical Spin Cycle

The non-stop brouhaha over the pope’s impending “environmental” encyclical — the pre-spin that has one camp exultant and another in darkest despair — seems quite out of proportion to what we actually know, ahead of time, about the Catholic Church, environmental issues, and the encyclical-to-come.

Lenin Meets Corleone

Vladimir Putin is best understood as a Russian-based global Mafia don who has refined the Vito Corleone model with a Leninist political methodology, enhanced by the new propaganda methods of social media and by classic appeals to a stern form of Russian nationalism.

The Smartest Guy Ever to Be President Isn’t Quite As Smart As He Thinks

The president’s long list of failures undercuts his supposed foreign policy brilliance.