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Britain’s Labour Party Just Collapsed in Blue-Collar England. Democrats Should Consider Themselves Warned.

Political trends in the United States and Britain have mirrored one another for decades, so the Labour Party’s stunning collapse across blue-collar England in last Thursday’s local elections is a clear warning sign for President Biden and Democrats. A full analysis gives Democrats signs of hope but also shows how difficult it will be to build a durable Democratic coalition.

The Case for Dynamic Orthodoxy

The living parts of the world Church today are those that embrace Vatican II in full, having read it in continuity with the Church’s settled tradition.

Extraordinary Evangelization in Extraordinary Times

Evangelization, which must always include the witness of caring for the Master’s lost sheep, is the new normal in the Catholic Church.

Ending Abortion of Down-Syndrome Children in the United Kingdom

Activists have mounted a campaign against a policy that permits unlimited abortion of unborn children diagnosed with disabilities.

An American Conservative’s Dream, Seen Walking in London

Britain is not a nation conceived in liberty, but it is in the course of dedicating itself to the proposition that all men are created equal. That is the promise of the platform Boris Johnson’s Tories ran on.

The Great Tory Realignment Was Bound to Happen

The British Conservative Party is coming apart, with 21 Tories expelled from the party by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other anti-no-deal Brexit members resigning. These unprecedented developments are in fact just another example of the global political realignment.

Britain Is on the Verge of a Constitutional Crisis

The loss of a Conservative majority in the House of Commons sets up an unpredictable chain of events that could derail British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s promised Brexit strategy and throw the nation into a serious constitutional crisis.

Here’s What I Want from Modern Architecture

Architects need to stop aiming for the ‘iconic’ and focus on everyday beauty.

Brexit Would Be Hard for Britain. Staying in the E.U. Would Be Worse.

Whatever challenges Brexit poses for the United Kingdom, they pale in comparison to those that will confront it if it remains in the European Union given the continent’s own problems.

You Can Hate Me as Much as You Like – It’s Not a Crime

If there is hatred in our society, it does not come from ordinary prejudices, such as those that lead rival groups of citizens to treat each other with suspicion; it stems from those who do not see prejudice for what it is, the natural response to difference, and the desire to live in a comfort zone of one’s own.