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The Service Industry Can’t Find Workers. Blame Low Vaccine Rates and High Unemployment Benefits.

Many employers, especially restaurants and small retail businesses, are having a hard time finding workers. This is likely the result of trends in covid-19 vaccinations and the generous unemployment benefits that were expanded due to the pandemic. Congress needs to nip this problematic trend in the bud if it doesn’t want the economic recovery to stall.

Trump Could Turn the Race Around With His Good Jobs News

The national economic picture looks bleak, with unemployment claims still at record highs and the unemployment rate still higher than 8 percent. State-level data, however, paints a much rosier picture for President Trump.

Trump Will Surely Tout the Latest Jobs Numbers, But We Still Have a Long Way to Go

The latest unemployment figures are yet more proof that the U.S. economy is roaring back. They also show, however, that there are limits to the nation’s recovery so long as fear of the novel coronavirus remains.

The Jobs Report Reveals the True American Carnage

The latest unemployment numbers are horrific enough. A deeper dive into the data, though, shows that it’s even worse than the headline unemployment rate suggests.

The Unemployment Numbers Are Terrifying. But We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.

The United States hasn’t seen unemployment rates this high since the depths of the Great Depression, but it’s not inconceivable we could be there in just a couple of weeks.

Why Public-Assistance Programs Should Have More Stringent Work Mandates

It is natural to feel compassion for those less fortunate than we are. But benefits should be concentrated in programs that have the least disincentive effect to recipients’ employment in the labor market. Work, after all, leads to both higher incomes and greater human dignity.

An Alternative to Increasing the Minimum Wage

Subsidizing the pay of low-skilled workers would have many advantages for all.

The New Unworking Class

Nicholas Eberstadt’s Men Without Work shows how the erosion of family roles contributes to men’s trend away from employment.

Men at Work . . . or Not

Labor-force participation is declining because the family has declined.

The ACA and Its Employment Effects

Obamacare is very likely to reduce hours worked and total compensation, as predicted by the Congressional Budget Office. But it may take some time for these effects to be clearly visible in aggregate economic data.