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Battle for a Continent

Without candor and a sense of proportion, the whole truth about the encounter of civilization with barbarism in North America has degenerated into a Hollywood fantasy of unforgivable evildoing on the part of white invaders. A corrective to this woke narrative can be found in the writings of Francis Parkman, the supreme historian of that fateful encounter, which was really a world-historical collision.

Happy Flag Day

In this moment in particular — a time when the question of the very nature of American patriotism and nationalism is much in the air — the flag can offer us one path through challenging terrain.

Smithsonian: Still in Shambles

Overall, the new galleries in the Smithsonian Museum of American History are as bulging and confusing as their older counterparts elsewhere in the building. Americans, many of whom know little about their country’s history, will be no better enlightened, educated, or inspired than they were before.

Bad History Is Killing Us

An extraordinary new report shows that our education system is failing to teach history in a way that would inspire the public with the knowledge and desire to protect America’s freedoms.

AP U.S. History Bias Still Runs Deep

Even after revisions to the controversial curriculum framework, it too often presents hotly debated opinions as facts.

The Next Great Education Debate

The College Board’s determination to issue detailed curriculum frameworks for all of its AP exams, in combination with the expansion of the AP program over the past decade or so, has brought the United States to the threshold of something nobody claims to want: a national curriculum.

APUSH Teacher Rebels, Goes Public

Reflections from a high school teacher who is being forced to choose between doing what she does best, and meeting the requirements of a framework whose underlying assumptions she rejects.

Sorry, Still No American Exceptionalism in APUSH

The College Board’s “revised” version of its controversial AP U.S. History framework maintains the overall bias of the controversial 2014 edition, and simply removes the loudest proclamations of what that bias was.

APUSH Revisions Won’t Do: College Board Needs Competition

In revising its controversial AP U.S. History framework, the College Board has removed some of the framework’s most egregiously biased formulations, yet the basic approach has not changed.

55 Scholars Protest AP U.S. History Changes

Dozens of distinguished historians, Americanists, and education specialists have issued a powerful condemnation of the College Board’s revisionist history.