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Dawn of the Woke

Joe McCarthy was a B-movie monster. Today’s cancel culture is more like a zombie apocalypse.

Trump’s Social Media Executive Order Is a Big Mistake

President Trump’s executive order addressing the exemption from legal liability that social media companies enjoy for content posted on their sites by users is both premature and misguided.

Twitter Ain’t America

There are many reasons to doubt that Twitter represents anything other than a cacophony of curmudgeons.

You Can’t Say That on Twitter

Threats, vile abuse, and harassment have become a key part of Twitter’s brand, but only a select few offenders are punished or banned.

Persuasion and the Art of Writing Tweets

In his new book, Scott Adams demonstrates not only that President Trump strategically made his case to voters, but that he is a uniquely talented persuader.

Trump, Twitter, and the GOP’s Improving Poll Numbers

A thorough review of President Trump’s tweets during the period of his recent rise in approval shows a nearly complete absence of the vitriolic and personal attacks that frequently dominated 2017 news cycles.

Situation Normal…

To note the deep dysfunction of the Trump administration is to insist that we should be careful not to get used to the unacceptable, and that some problems run much deeper than policy.

CNN Hurt Its Credibility

The deep investigative report into the origins of a humorous gif tweeted by President Trump makes CNN look vindictive and petty.

I Alone Can Fix

Twitter is just a tool. With or without it, President Trump’s conduct would be disordered and self-sabotaging.

Theology isn’t Math; but it is Theology

There are many ways of doing theology, and not all of them are strictly syllogistic. But if theology decays into illogical forms of Newspeak, it is false to itself.