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Why It Will Be So Hard to Roll Back Trump’s Trade Agenda

Global trade is not the sexiest of issues. It is, however, one of the most important, both in regard to U.S. foreign relations and America’s domestic cohesion.

Did Trump Get Owned by China?

China is a malign power whose prestige and influence has only increased during President Trump’s tenure.

Tensions With China Are Rising. What’s the Next Step?

China is the only nation in the world that can seriously threaten the United States, and its open drift toward seeking global leadership makes its intent crystal clear. Better to confront the problem now rather than delude ourselves and wait until our adversary is stronger.

Communist China Is Showing Its True Colors. It Must Not Go Unpunished.

If China wants Hong Kong to be treated as a simple Chinese province, then the United States should return the favor and end Hong Kong’s special trade preferences.

Trump’s Trip to India Could Be His Most Important Foreign Policy Visit Yet

President Trump’s whirlwind trip to India is much more than a photo op in front of the Taj Mahal. It’s a calculated effort to deepen U.S. ties with the only nation that can serve as an Asian counterweight to China.

Trade Policy Is Always Political First

In the 1990s a trade regime that hitherto consistently understood itself as a political tool, the function of which was to achieve political aims, began running on autopilot and understanding itself as a purely economic tool.

The New Trade Deal With China Could Be the Calm Before the Storm

The recent “phase one” trade deal with China is simply a truce in a battle that will likely resume after November’s election.

Trump Can’t Let up on China Now

Trade talks with China have reportedly stalled because of its insistence that the United States remove or lower tariffs before a final deal is struck. That demand should be firmly rejected.

This Is Why Trump Is Right to Challenge China

What was once thought to be a regime headed for the dustbin of history instead is poised to become a challenge for freedom across the globe.

What Hong Kong Means for the U.S.

The protesters in the streets of Hong Kong have once again reminded us of the power of the U.S. example—even as our leaders seem less committed to it.