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Most Republicans Wish They Were Like Reagan. Trump Actually Is.

Conventional wisdom tells us that Donald Trump is the antithesis of Ronald Reagan. But in fact, Trump is far closer to Reagan’s brand of conservatism than the Republican congressional leadership is.

Q and A with Henry Olsen: A New Reagan

In a conversation with Law and Liberty, EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen discusses his new The Working Class Republican and what today’s Republicans can learn from Ronald Reagan.

Reagan Had a More Nuanced View of Constitution than Many Fellow Conservatives

As we celebrate this Sunday’s 230th anniversary of the Constitution’s signing, self-described constitutional conservatives might want to know what their political idol thought about our founding document.

Party Lines Crossed

The Republican Senate’s failure to repeal or replace Obamacare is more than simply a stunning condemnation of Republican voters and the administration. It is an exposure of the party’s intellectual incoherence.

Today’s GOP Isn’t Living up to Ronald Reagan’s Principles

Reagan’s core beliefs always prioritized helping people in need over saving money or abstract principles regarding liberty. Today’s Republicans, however, often seem to have exactly the opposite priorities.

Book Excerpt: Ronald Reagan Was a New Deal Conservative

Ronald Reagan was against returning to the America before the New Deal. He was for interpreting Roosevelt’s legacy in a way that maximized freedom and minimized bureaucratic control and the direction of Americans’ lives.

How the Right Gets Reagan Wrong

Ronald Reagan’s conservatism actually fit squarely within Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal consensus, not the anti-New Deal conservatism that forms the heart of “Reaganism” in today’s GOP.