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The 2020 Census Is Bad News for Progressive Policy

The release of the 2020 Census on Monday did more than show how political power in the next decade will flow a bit toward Republican-controlled states. It also showed why full-bore progressive economic policy is unlikely to become the new orthodoxy anytime soon.

As Biden Reaches His 100-Day Mark, His Approval Ratings Suggest He’s No FDR

Many Democrats dream that President Biden can transform America as thoroughly as Franklin D. Roosevelt did. But Biden’s political standing as he approaches his administration’s 100-day mark has more in common with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama than with the legendary FDR.

No, Georgia’s New Voting Law Is Not a Return to Jim Crow

Democrats have been tarnishing Georgia’s new voting law, saying it represents a return to Jim Crow. That calumny besmirches an effort that largely succeeds at balancing extensive voter access with strong election integrity.

Vaccine Nationalism Is a Corrective to Often-Naive Views of Globalism

Former president Donald Trump was widely pilloried for playing down multilateral cooperation and the global trading order in favor of his “America First” mind-set. But Trump likely understood the nationalist underpinnings of foreign policy better than his critics.

Biden Is Sending the Wrong Signals on the Border

Trump-era crackdowns slowed illegal migration because people reasonably concluded that they had less chance of remaining in the country. The signals from President Biden that he intends to dismantle those initiatives have sent the opposite message: The United States is opening to migrants.

Biden’s Relief Bill Probably Won’t Matter That Much in the Midterms

President Biden is reportedly preparing to “sell” his pandemic stimulus bill to the American people in an effort to reap political gain from the popular measure. History suggests any gain he gets will be fleeting.

China’s Looming Population Slide Could Make It an Even More Dangerous Global Threat

Demography is not destiny, but it does create inescapable pressures. In China’s case, falling population will force it either to curtail or rapidly intensify its expansion of global power.

Reagan Would Tell Today’s CPAC to Build a GOP Coalition, Not a Church

CPAC speakers and attendees should follow the advice Ronald Reagan gave at the 1977 gathering: Build a coalition, not a church.

This Presidents’ Day, Let’s Reaffirm That George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Are Heroes

Real racial equality, social as well as legal, remains a work in progress. That progress would not have occurred without Washington and Lincoln.

If Andrew Cuomo Doesn’t Resign, He Should Be Removed From Office

Democrats have rightly been demanding that former president Donald Trump be held accountable for the words and deeds that led to the death of five people in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. There’s another politician who ought to be held accountable for the deaths of far more Americans: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.