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This Presidents’ Day, Let’s Reaffirm That George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Are Heroes

Real racial equality, social as well as legal, remains a work in progress. That progress would not have occurred without Washington and Lincoln.

If Andrew Cuomo Doesn’t Resign, He Should Be Removed From Office

Democrats have rightly been demanding that former president Donald Trump be held accountable for the words and deeds that led to the death of five people in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. There’s another politician who ought to be held accountable for the deaths of far more Americans: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

We’re Facing a Massive Spike in Violent Crime. Democrats Can’t Take It Lightly.

Democratic House impeachment managers are rightly focusing the nation’s attention on the horrific violence that occurred at the Capitol on Jan. 6. After the trial is over, lawmakers should also focus on the horrific spike in crime that occurred nationwide last year.

Donald Trump May Not Have Hurt the GOP as Much as Some Might Think

Common wisdom holds that former president Donald Trump badly hurt the Republican Party. A recent analysis of exit poll data by Trump’s campaign pollsters, however, shows he might have actually helped it.

New Poll: There Is No Singular Trump Voter

Despite how it is often portrayed in the media, Trump’s coalition is ideologically and demographically diverse.

Why It Will Be So Hard to Roll Back Trump’s Trade Agenda

Global trade is not the sexiest of issues. It is, however, one of the most important, both in regard to U.S. foreign relations and America’s domestic cohesion.

Now Is the Time for Democrats to Stand up to Teachers Unions

The Chicago Teachers Union’s refusal to go back to the classroom is more than a possibly illegal strike. It is another example of unions failing to put the interest of students first.

Biden’s Stimulus Plan Suggests He Fundamentally Misunderstands This Recession

President Biden has presented his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan as the way to get the country out of the pandemic-induced recession. In fact, its provisions show he fundamentally misunderstands the nature of the trouble we’re in.

Talk Is Cheap. Here’s What Biden Needs to Do to Be a Unity President.

Partisan differences will and should remain, but common ground can be found if Republicans are treated with understanding and respect.

Conservatives Might Be Seeing the Light on How Government Aid Can Set Workers Up For Success

The recent white paper from the House Republican Study Committee’s American Worker Task Force calls for using public resources to prepare students for a different career path that does not require college at all.