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Vatican II on Catholics in Public Life

Coherently Catholic public officials, whose faith illuminates the truths that make for human flourishing and who integrate those truths into their political lives, are the Catholics who best reflect the Church’s intention to “establish and consolidate the human community according to the law of God.”

Gaia, False Gods, and Public Policy

Is ours a secular world? Or is it a world that’s traded authentic religion for a modern form of idolatry?

What Would Cardinal Meyer Say?

Unfortunately forgotten in most U.S. Catholic circles today, Cardinal Albert Gregory Meyer, archbishop of Milwaukee from 1953 to 1958 and archbishop of Chicago from 1958 to 1965, was one of the country’s leading churchmen in the mid-20th century.

Hans Küng and the Perils of Fame

Hans Küng was one of the first Catholic intellectuals to figure out that the world press couldn’t resist the man-bites-dog storyline in which a Catholic thinker challenges Church doctrine—and does so in ways that confirm progressive cultural biases.

God’s Harsh and Dreadful Love

That the journey to Easter always passes through Good Friday is an annual reminder that the divine love burning its way through history is harsh and dreadful as well as compassionate and merciful.

Light from the East

Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has become one of the world’s most dynamic Catholic leaders under exceptionally challenging circumstances.

The Easter Explosion

The Easter explosion created a communion of disciples in mission. We are their heirs.

Good News After a Very Bad Year

Good things have been happening this past year, and as the Church heads into Holy Week it’s time to recognize some of them; to be grateful for the exemplary Catholics who make these important initiatives possible; and to pray for their flourishing in the future.

Woke “Rights,” the Equality Act, and Speaker Pelosi

True compassion demands rejecting the Equality Act.

The World Episcopate and the German Apostasy

The Church Fathers’ practice of fraternal challenge and correction remains to be recovered. That recovery is now essential as the Church in Germany falls deeper into apostasy—a denial of the truths of Catholic faith that threatens schism.