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Testimony of Mary Hasson to Australian Parliament in Favor of Parental Rights Bill

EPPC Kate O’Beirne Fellow Mary Rice Hasson submitted testimony to the Parliament of New South Wales, Australia, in support of legislation that would prohibit the teaching of gender fluidity and to protect the primacy of parental responsibility for instilling core values in their children.

Mona Charen Testimony at U.S. Commission on Civil Rights on the Meaning of MeToo

On the whole, the MeToo movement has been a necessary corrective to years of gross behavior by powerful men. But it would be a mistake to think of MeToo as a civil rights issue. This is a cultural problem, not a political one.

Congressional Testimony: The State of Social Capital in America Today

Politics cannot solve our country’s 21st century dilemmas. But it can play a role in helping us to solve them. And it can begin to play that role by coming to understand the purpose of government as enabling Americans to better help one another.

Congressional Testimony: Hearing on First Amendment Protections on Public College and University Campuses

What steps can we take to protect freedom of speech in our public university systems, and perhaps even at private secular colleges and universities as well?

Proposals to Reform the President’s Budget and the Congressional Budget Process

Today’s budget process does not facilitate executive-legislative agreement, or help policymakers focus on long-term entitlement spending, which is the country’s primary fiscal challenge.

Senate Testimony on Supreme Court Lawlessness

The Supreme Court’s extraordinary abuses, as manifested most recently in its invention of a supposed constitutional right to same-sex marriage, call for careful consideration of extraordinary responses.

Congressional Testimony: The Obama Administration’s Delay of the Employer Mandate

The administration’s decision to delay enforcement of the employer mandate is an invitation to Congress to delay the individual mandate too.

The Constitutionality of Protecting Unborn Babies at 20 Weeks

State legislation that would generally prohibit abortion of unborn babies who are capable of experiencing pain is constitutionally permissible.

Saving Seniors and Our Most Vulnerable Citizens from an Entitlement Crisis

The consequences of a national debt crisis would be disastrous for the most vulnerable segments of society. Elected leaders should lower the risk by enacting gradual reforms of the nation’s major entitlement programs.

Non-Discrimination Principles Versus Civil Liberties

In testimony invited by the United States Commission on Civil Rights, EPPC President Ed Whelan explains that the sweeping application of non-discrimination principles poses an increasingly severe threat to civil liberties, especially to our first liberty of religious freedom.