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Orgy of Guilt

You might suppose that in the mighty nations of the west, debate would be ongoing about how to destroy ISIS and rescue the desperate people in its path, but the great issue we’re relitigating is whether Tony Blair should be tried for war crimes at the International Criminal Court and just how responsible George W. Bush was for all of the mayhem in the world.

Obama: Whose Side Is He On?

By steadfastly refusing to make distinctions among Muslims based upon ideology and conduct — by insisting that Muslims are no more plagued by violent extremism than, say, Presbyterians — President Obama has opened the door to Trump, who also makes no distinctions.

The Fate of EgyptAir Flight 804 — and of Us

Between now and November, the Islamists and Donald Trump are in a kind of alliance. Any terror attack anywhere in the world helps both.

The Closing of Barack Obama’s Mind

It would be refreshing if the president did not live in a world hermetically sealed off from facts that are inconvenient to his worldview. But that is precisely what Mr. Obama is doing.

Is Trump Working for Hillary?

It’s not just that what he says demands condemnation. It’s that it seems to give credence to the Democrats’ narrative.

‘Nothing to Do with Islam’

Radicalism has had the wind at its back in the Muslim world for nearly a century. It shows no sign of abating just because Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats bury their heads in the sand.

Paul Ryan’s Voice of Calm Reason

Given legitimate concerns about the vetting process, how badly President Obama has handled this issue (flippantly dismissing those concerns, mocking those who see things differently than he does, refusing to negotiate) and how wary the public is about accepting Syrian refugees, the plan put forward by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is prudent and sensible.

A Thanksgiving Meditation on Freedom and Its Enemies

Freedom must be earned in every generation. Absent a commitment to living freedom nobly and thus earning it, freedom decomposes into license at home (and becomes its own undoing), or freedom is conquered from outside by enslaving enemies, or both.

How to Tell Your Children About a Terrorist Attack

Your children will encounter evil one day. Better for them to be prepared by you, and to be prepared honestly.

The Scandal-Prone Secret Service Is a Dangerous Embarrassment

The continuing failures of the Secret Service would be a serious worry under any administration, but they are particularly dangerous under this one.