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Rubio and Cruz Must Train Their Fire on Trump

Does the Republican field have the sense to change tactics when the very nature of the party and country are at stake?

Confusion in the Anti-Establishment Ranks

Donald Trump isn’t leading the polls because he is an anti-establishment conservative. He is
leading because he gives voice to popular resentment toward immigration and trade policy.

Republican Self-Sabotage

Rather than aim their anger at President Obama and the Democrats, certain “conservative” commentators, right-wing websites, and many others have aimed their fire at their own side.

Debate Debrief

There was plenty of substantive criticism and crossfire among the candidates, but, without Donald Trump, Thursday’s Fox News debate was far more substantive and far less juvenile.

How ‘The Stupid Party’ Earned Its Name

A new book explains how conservatism has become both unable to argue rather than assert and uninterested in persuading Americans who are not already true believers to join the cause.

Republican Hemlock Society

If today’s Republican Party were organized, if its storied “establishment” were even a shadow of the leviathan its detractors claim, the world would look very different. Instead, the vulgarian unguided missile atop the polls gets a pass from everyone about everything.

Listening to Four Republican Candidates

Among four of the GOP candidates, exceptionally talented political performers all, there is a debate going on about the establishment and the public.

Republicans and the Decline of Religion

The 2016 election is an opportunity for many voters who would naturally be inclined to vote Democratic to consider a Republican, but the Republican party, judging by the polls so far, seems more determined to “send a message” than to choose a candidate who can win.

Rubio vs. Cruz: The Fight for Conservatism

While Donald Trump floats above all normal categories of Republican politics, the other candidates are proceeding on the assumption that conservative credentials still matter.

Interview with Henry Olsen: How You Win a GOP Primary

Henry Olsen, author of the new book The Four Faces of the Republican Party discusses his analysis of the GOP electorate and its implications for the race.