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Lessons for Streaming Synagogues from the Evangelical Experience

The digital forces now at work on Jewish communities reflect a challenge that American churches have been wrestling with for decades now.

Why the Digital Mob Fears the Power of Little-Read Books

Modern technology obscures both the past and the future by locking us in the frenzies of the present and interfering with reflective thought.

Redeemer of Man

Technology instinctively reshapes a culture toward purely practical action and results. To the Church falls the task of forcing the questions that get people to think about what it means to be truly human.

A Science-Based Case for Ending the Porn Epidemic

The evidence is in: porn is as addictive as smoking, or more, except that what smoking does to your lungs, porn does to your brain. And compelling evidence suggests that it is also having a far-reaching impact on our social fabric as a whole.

A Marriage of Man and Machine

Self-driving cars will ruin our connection to the metal beast.


The phone in our pockets sees and hears all.

Return of the Notman

The age of opioids (among other contaminations) suggests a look back at the odd Robinson Jeffers, and at what he said in his poems—and at his cranky and ruthless life as a semi-solitary poet living on what was then a wild stretch of the central California coast.

The Catholic Church Used to be Like Silicon Valley. Can it be Again?

That the Catholic Church should put Silicon Valley—or any other institution or culture—to shame when it comes to world-changing innovation is not some tantalizing yet naïve prospect. It should be the baseline expectation for any educated Catholic.

Superheroes? Stardust? Or Vessels of the Incarnation?

In recent decades, humanity’s knowledge of its genetic code has grown exponentially. And it seems likely that, as a species, we’re only at the threshold of our capacity to use this knowledge for good or ill.

The Quiet Man Behind the Computer Revolution

Gordon Moore’s tech vision changed modern times. He wants his giving to change life 10,000 years from now.