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The Latest Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Is Likely Dead on Arrival. Biden Should Reconsider.

Presiding over a genuine compromise in which both sides give on something they don’t want would reinforce President Biden’s image as a moderate.

The World’s Brokest “Billionaire”

If President Trump were to be reelected, he would face a reckoning on a mountain of debt.

The Trump Administration Shows Just How Clueless It Is About the Middle Class

The administration is right to want to give tax relief to the middle and working class. But members of the president’s economic team need to get out of their bubble and discover who those people really are.

Of Course Elizabeth Warren Would Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

Every country that has a large public-sector health insurance program that covers most citizens pays for it with taxes much higher than Americans are used to paying.

Trump’s New Tax Idea Would Devastate Him Politically

A recent tweet from President Trump seems to suggest he is still considering signing an executive order indexing the capital gains tax to inflation. That would be a terrible political move for the already beleaguered president.

Please Raise My Taxes?

Rather than calling for the federal government to do more income redistribution, it might be useful to have states and localities examine what works in other jurisdictions.

Elizabeth Warren’s Terrible Plans

One should expect a grown-up to evaluate costs and benefits, to understand tradeoffs, and to pay for what they propose. By that standard, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s big plans fail spectacularly.

Democrats Want to Expand Welfare by Soaking the Rich. That Doesn’t Add Up.

Americans often grumble about their taxes every April 15, but the fact is that for all the complaints about waste, fraud and abuse, we do get a lot for what we pay. Other countries’ citizens get more, but they also pay more — a lot more.

An Opening for a Party of Reality

Republicans and Democrats alike encourage victimhood. We need a party that will address the true problems we face.

There’s Plenty of Hope for Tax Reform

Elbows are flying, and the situation seems ‘ominous.’ It’s beginning to look a lot like 1986.