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Trump’s New Tax Idea Would Devastate Him Politically

A recent tweet from President Trump seems to suggest he is still considering signing an executive order indexing the capital gains tax to inflation. That would be a terrible political move for the already beleaguered president.

A Tax Cut Worthy of a Worker’s GOP

Americans worry that the massive windfalls from cuts secured for corporations will simply go to their shareholders or be shipped overseas. A new tax cut bill should include a provision that encourages businesses to hire American workers.

Jeff Bell Was George Bailey

To those who knew him well, Jeffrey L. Bell was a real-life George Bailey: an accomplished and decent man who shaped important events by helping others achieve their own greatness, mostly without recognition himself.

The Trump Tax Reform Won’t Match the Reagan Ones

Some hard figures help explain why the Reagan administration tax reforms were enacted with the support of so-called “Reagan Democrats” in Congress, while not a single Democrat voted for the 2017 tax reform.

Cadillac-friendly Tax Plan?

Too many provisions in the GOP tax reform plan give the impression that the party cares more about helping the well-off than about aiding average Americans and their families.

Don’t Forget High Earners

Upper-middle-income, college-educated whites are increasingly unhappy with a Republican party dominated by President Trump and his agenda. The current tax-reform proposals will drive them away at exactly the time their loyalties are being tested.

Tax Reform for the Working Class

Without more targeted tax relief that offers immediate and direct benefit to the swing voters who elected President Trump, Republicans might not be in power long enough to enjoy the economic benefits of tax reform.

This Failure May Doom Trump’s Presidency Before it Really Begins

President Trump not only has failed to provide Republicans with skilled leadership, but also seems unaware that he’s even supposed to do so.

There’s Plenty of Hope for Tax Reform

Elbows are flying, and the situation seems ‘ominous.’ It’s beginning to look a lot like 1986.