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Trump Can’t Let up on China Now

Trade talks with China have reportedly stalled because of its insistence that the United States remove or lower tariffs before a final deal is struck. That demand should be firmly rejected.

If China Cracks Down on Hong Kong, Trump Should Extend His Tariffs

President Trump should not stand idly by if the Chinese government chooses to use force against protesters in Hong Kong.

Tariffs and the Debt

Whatever one thinks of tariffs, “paying down large amounts of the $21 Trillion in debt that has been accumulated” is not something they could achieve. Maybe the president knows that, maybe he doesn’t.

Can ‘Reluctant Trump’ Voters Rescue the G.O.P.?

With Democrats winning in normally deep red places like Alabama and Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District, it looks like a blue wave is swelling for the midterm elections. There’s still time for Republicans to change that, but first they must figure out how to mount an effective defense.

Help Workers without a Trade War

Free trade benefits America and its trading partners. But President Trump is right that it doesn’t benefit everyone. Supporters of global trade ought to think about other measures governments can take to reduce the pain many individuals and communities experience.

Man of Steel

President Trump’s tariffs reflect his preoccupation with heavy industry—and his failure to arrive at a basic understanding of economic policy.