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The “Historic” Amazonian Synod, Revisited

Time will tell whether the special Synod for Amazonia made a significant contribution to the proclamation of Jesus Christ and the gospel in a largely unevangelized region, or whether that synod was a stalking horse for a host of other agendas, ecclesiastical, ecological, and political.

“Wittenberg” in Synodal Slow Motion

It is astonishing that, confronted by unmistakable empirical evidence that liberal Protestantism has collapsed around the world, German Catholic leaders, ordained and lay, seem determined to create a nominally Catholic form of liberal Protestantism through a slow-motion “Wittenberg.”

Beyond Amazonia

The reform of the priesthood, including a deepening of the Church’s commitment to the value of celibacy as a radical witness to the Kingdom, begins, as does all authentic Catholic reform, with deeper conversion to Jesus Christ and the gospel.

The Pope Is Catholic After All

Pope Francis’s affirmation of church doctrine is encouraging for anxious parishioners.

The Martini Curve Revisited

In recent years, certain empirical facts have become unmistakable: The local Churches that have tried hardest to play catch-up with “history” and “the times” are collapsing.

The “Synodality” Masquerade

Serious consultation and collaboration are essential to effective pastoral leadership, including the leadership of the Bishop of Rome. But over the 50-plus years of its existence, no one has figured out how to make the Synod of Bishops really work.

There’s a Pony in Here Somewhere: A Post-Synodal Reflection

For whatever else it may or may not have accomplished, Synod-2019 was an unmistakable moment of clarification and a stern summons to responsibility.

Votes, Quotas, and Titles: Missing the Point About Women

Some synod interventions (or at least news reports of such interventions) that address women’s participation and leadership in the Church seem infected with mirror strains of an old feminist virus. 

Heroism and Priesthood, Dachau and Amazonia

The heroes of Dachau’s priest-barracks found a way to keep sacramental life alive, in full fidelity to the Church’s tradition. Is that impossible in Amazonia? Or elsewhere?

Creation, Redemption, Martyrdom: A Lenten Reflection

The Church, the continuation of Christ’s presence in the world, is a communion of disciples in mission. That mission often carries heavy costs, and it is appropriate to be reminded of that as the Church walks the Way of the Cross these last weeks of Lent.