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The Gardening Animal

The garden is more than an allegory for harmony with our Creator and his creation. Gardening is, or can be, a moral enterprise.

The Catholic Project, Two Years On

The abuse crisis is, in some important ways, a unique challenge for the Catholic Church. In some ways, though, its remedy is the same as the remedy for all the challenges the Church faces: strive for holiness, cling to the Church, preach the Good News in word and deed.

Mercy, But About What?

One could say that Jesus’ interactions with the Pharisees were a form of true accompaniment. They are a model for “dialogue” with a certain kind of interlocutor: for how a Good Shepherd accompanies the powerful, the obstinate, and the self-righteous.

Our Catholic President

For better or worse, Joe Biden’s words and actions as president will shape how the Catholic faith is perceived and understood.

A Catholic Moment

If Protestantism no longer provides the ballast for this republic, and if Catholicism is not – at least, not presently – up to the task, then one of two options remains. Either our politics will continue to careen towards disaster or something else will, if it has not already, fill the void.

Making Room at the Inn

Christmas is when we encounter God at His most approachable and familiar: as a newborn baby.

Biden and the Bishops

The reception of Communion is a deeply personal matter, but it is a fundamentally ecclesial act, not a private one. This fact underlies all the ongoing debates about Catholic politicians and Communion.

Christian Gratitude

We should be grateful that we are not responsible for saving this broken and miserable world. If its salvation were up to us, the world would be utterly without hope.

John Paul II Committed Sins, Too. Just Like All the Other Saints.

The blemishes of the saints, including John Paul II, ought not be hidden, nor should they scandalize us. Rather, they should be a reminder to us of both humility—in the face of our own many failings—and of hope.

Mistakes Were Made

The McCarrick Report has limitations, to be sure, and leaves many questions unanswered. But it also presents a detailed and incriminating account of institutional failures spanning multiple decades and multiple pontificates.