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Why Abortion-Rights Supporters Are Unhappy about Trump’s State of the Union

President Trump’s State of the Union address highlighted the story of a girl who was delivered prematurely, exposing the arbitrariness of the case for unlimited abortion.

The Longest Day for Trump’s Adversaries

In his State of the Union address, President Trump appeared presidential for seemingly the first time and dramatically advanced his chances for re-election in 2020.

Trump Delivered the Best, Most Reaganesque Speech of His Tenure

From start to finish in his State of the Union address, President Trump did something he rarely does: extol the virtue of the everyday American and give credit to the freedom that is our birthright

The Smartest Guy Ever to Be President Isn’t Quite As Smart As He Thinks

The president’s long list of failures undercuts his supposed foreign policy brilliance.

The President’s Post-Obama Agenda

The substantive core of the most recent State of the Union address, such as it was, did not involve a president laying out policy goals for the next two years. It involved a politician looking to reframe some key debates to better prepare his party for the next election cycle.

Needed: A Republican Agenda for the Middle Class

Republicans at every level must articulate how a conservative vision of government could speak to today’s public, and especially middle class, concerns – and to then show how such a vision would translate into concrete policy reforms in some of the most important arenas of public life.