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Democrats Plot Path to Dominance

Winning control of both houses of Congress and the White House had Democrats pondering ways to secure national dominance, whether that be by pushing to add Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico as states or abolishing the Electoral College. But one tactic hasn’t received nearly as much attention as it deserves: the manipulation of civics education.

The Partisanship Out of Civics Act: A Proposal

Advocates are attempting to smuggle training in leftist activism into K-12 schooling under the guise of “civics.” The Partisanship Out of Civics Act is model state-level legislation designed to help states prevent the importation of political activism and lobbying into K-12 civic education.

Reply to Louise Dube of iCivics

What “civics” has become in Illinois and Massachusetts — Critical Race Theory and progressive activism disguised as education — will mean irresolvable culture war in this country for the indefinite future.

Leftist Bureaucrats and Foundations Are Displacing Republican Government

Typically, when we think about the out-of-control growth of the administrative state, we mean the federal bureaucracy. Well, the “Illinois Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards” are the product of an out-of-control state-level bureaucracy.

“Action Civics” Replaces Citizenship with Partisanship

State lawmakers must protect education from activism.

Ultra-Woke Illinois Mandates Are Top Threat to U.S. Education

Illinois is about to mandate that every one of its licensed teachers adopt progressive political orthodoxy and impart that ideology to students.

Beware: New Civics Mandates Will Be Woke

A commendable desire to counter both civic illiteracy and the excesses of woke ideology has produced a new national movement to mandate history and civics standards. Unfortunately, that strategy will produce the very opposite of its intended effect.

Our Real Systemic Problem

We ought to be spending more time puzzling out ways to combat our real systemic problem — family decline — a problem ably explored in Mary Eberstadt’s thoughtful and courageous work.

A Book for Our Times: Peter Wood’s 1620 Skewers 1619 Project

More than a powerful refutation, Peter Wood’s 1620 is a withering appraisal and deadpan skewering of the 1619 Project as a cultural phenomenon.

Trump Establishes 1776 Commission

A new executive order marks an important step in President Trump’s efforts to foster patriotic education.