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American Business Must Rethink Its Relation to Politics

American business needs to get off the path to slow-motion suicide, and to defend the free-enterprise system.

Establishment Democrats Still Fundamentally Misunderstand Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders’s politics may be socialist, but his appeal is that of an outsider. He tells the people dissatisfied with America that tinkering around the edges isn’t enough; the country needs radical change.

Lovable Ol’ Bernie

He has praised totalitarian regimes and thinks billionaires shouldn’t exist. What’s not to love?

Of Course Elizabeth Warren Would Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

Every country that has a large public-sector health insurance program that covers most citizens pays for it with taxes much higher than Americans are used to paying.

Elizabeth Warren’s Terrible Plans

One should expect a grown-up to evaluate costs and benefits, to understand tradeoffs, and to pay for what they propose. By that standard, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s big plans fail spectacularly.

French Socialism Has Failed

‘Free’ government services in France are unsustainable and anything but progressive.

The Free-Market Tradition

The market system is increasingly under attack not only from the left but from some smart social conservatives, populists, and nationalists on the right. To effectively defend democratic capitalism, its champions will need to understand the nature of these criticisms, to see where they have a point, and to think about how to make a case for markets that takes them seriously.

Did Bernie Sanders Steal His Wealth?

Millionaires and billionaires acquire wealth by producing products and services that other people want to buy, from computers to Greek yogurt to bad books like Our Revolution.

Democrats Want to Expand Welfare by Soaking the Rich. That Doesn’t Add Up.

Americans often grumble about their taxes every April 15, but the fact is that for all the complaints about waste, fraud and abuse, we do get a lot for what we pay. Other countries’ citizens get more, but they also pay more — a lot more.

Trump’s ‘America First’ policy could work in Venezuela

President Trump’s decision to recognize Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as that country’s president is definitely a risky move. But it’s one that is justified for both humanitarian reasons and as an expression of an “America First” foreign policy.