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COVID-19 Threatens Yet Another Victim: Social Security

Social Security’s long-term fiscal problems have been chronicled for years. The program has been forecast to go broke in the mid-2030s. Without tax hikes, spending cuts or a mixture of the two, there won’t be enough money left to pay 100 percent of scheduled Social Security benefits when that happens.

The 2018 Republican Agenda

With tax reform behind them and a congressional-election year just begun, Republicans in Washington seem remarkably uncertain about what they want to do with their control of the presidency and Congress at this point.

Book Excerpt: Ronald Reagan Was a New Deal Conservative

Ronald Reagan was against returning to the America before the New Deal. He was for interpreting Roosevelt’s legacy in a way that maximized freedom and minimized bureaucratic control and the direction of Americans’ lives.

How the Right Gets Reagan Wrong

Ronald Reagan’s conservatism actually fit squarely within Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal consensus, not the anti-New Deal conservatism that forms the heart of “Reaganism” in today’s GOP.

Can the Republican Party Keep Trump Democrats?

The voters Trump picked up do not fit neatly into any of the GOP’s pre-Trump factions.

Entitlement Reform Remains an Absolute Necessity

Entitlement reform is not optional. If we wait until a crisis is upon us, the cuts will be blunt and disruptive.

The Trump Plan: Big Tax Hikes or Big Deficits

Trump’s pledge to reduce deficits by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse is the most tired, canned answer in the book. It is what politicians say when they have no real ideas.

President Obama’s Legacy of Red Ink

Any fair assessment of the Obama years must acknowledge that the administration is leaving the nation in a perilous fiscal situation. A fiscal crisis of some sort looms on the horizon.

The Fallout From the Budget Deals

The 2015 budget deals increased federal debt by hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade and made clear that the U.S. is facing massive long-term budget deficits.

Social and Economic Costs of Legal Abortion

Legal abortion is the main cause of family breakdown, in not just the United States but the world, including specifically rises in rates of divorce, illegitimacy and crime, and entry of most developed nations–now including the United States–into ‘demographic winter.’