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Sympathy for the Devil

Healthy families anchor healthy societies and are, in their essence, anti-totalitarian. In like manner, attacks on a healthy society at the macro level—the congealing of economic and political power in a minority elite, for example—inevitably cripple the family on a micro level and result in a poisoned civic life.

Pursuing the Truth Requires Modesty about Ourselves

Truth is not subjective. But we should be modest about our grasp of the truth, mindful of our limited understanding and our own tendency to reach conclusions first and find evidence second.

The Peculiar Conservatism of the Lonely American

Conservatism offers up Burke’s little platoons as the engines of social progress, but in a society turned lonely, that offer becomes meaningless because it stops being relevant to people’s everyday experiences.

Congressional Testimony: The State of Social Capital in America Today

Politics cannot solve our country’s 21st century dilemmas. But it can play a role in helping us to solve them. And it can begin to play that role by coming to understand the purpose of government as enabling Americans to better help one another.

This New Study Shows how Important it is for Kids to have Married Parents

A look at family trends from more than 60 countries bolsters the case that we should be protecting families through a social-legal institution that makes it harder to break up our children’s lives.

Christian Smith at the November 2014 Faith Angle Forum

The Faith Angle Forum is a semi-annual conference which brings together a select group of 20 nationally respected journalists with 3-5 distinguished scholars on areas of religion, politics & public life.  “Why Social Scientists (and some journalists) Don’t Get Religion”   South Beach, Florida Speaker: CHRISTIAN SMITH, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for the […]