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A Science-Based Case for Ending the Porn Epidemic

The evidence is in: porn is as addictive as smoking, or more, except that what smoking does to your lungs, porn does to your brain. And compelling evidence suggests that it is also having a far-reaching impact on our social fabric as a whole.

Remove Children from Sex-Offender Registries

There are good reasons to reconsider some aspects of the 1994 Crime Bill, because we’ve had a chance to see the unintended consequences.

A Crisis—but Not of Faith

In this summer of nightmare, with the bad news by no means all out, the gag reflex of many Catholics is entirely understandable. But that doesn’t, or shouldn’t, make it a crisis of faith.

Why We Stay, and the Viganò Testimony

The Church’s current crisis is a crisis of fidelity and a crisis of holiness, a crisis of infidelity and a crisis of sin. It is also a crisis of evangelization, for shepherds without credibility impede the proclamation of the Gospel—which, as the other headlines of the day suggest, the world badly needs.

For Pope Francis, Everything Hangs in the Balance: What to Make of Carlo Maria Viganò’s Charges

What began as a child-sex-abuse scandal has mushroomed into the greatest crisis of confidence in the Catholic hierarchy since the Reformation. What happens next will define Pope Francis’ entire pontificate, and much more.

Fackenheim’s Law and the Current Catholic Crisis

The depth of the challenges facing U.S. Catholicism are coming into painfully clear focus; but in facing those challenges, we must not give Satan cheap victories by denying how we think and who we are as a Church.

Fathers, Help Us

A plea to bishops and priests: defend this Church; defend the bride of Christ. Militate against this cancer in your midst.

The Current Crisis

Leading U.S. bishops have pledged to face down any roadblocks to a full accounting in the matter of Theodore McCarrick, including roadblocks in Rome. That important first step must now be followed by credible action.

Cardinal McCarrick and How Pius XI Might Have Disciplined Him

The 20th-century pope took strong, decisive measures against prelates who betrayed the Catholic Church’s mission.

The Anti-Porter Conspiracy

Even assuming that the former White House staff secretary’s public behavior has always been “impeccable,” to permit him to serve in a position of honor diminishes all of us. We demand some minimum level of decent (to say nothing of legal) behavior from those in positions of trust because that’s one way we uphold our standards.