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The Age of Travesties

The violence, pornography, and squalid politics of America in 2018 are an indictment of what we have become, and what we have come to tolerate.

Real Message of #MeToo: The Sexual Revolution Has Not Been Kind to Women

What we are seeing in the broader culture now is something that has been evident on college campuses for some time — women are unhappy about the state of sex and romance.

Spate of Hate

The coincidence of the birth of social media and the death of manners should not be surprising to us. What is surprising is the outrage about it on the left, which refuses to recognize its own part in killing manners off — perhaps to preserve their hypocrisy in condemning the right for unmannerliness.

Is Flirting Sexual Harassment?

For the last several decades, in matters of sex, it has been more or less anything goes. That may be changing as we speak.

Pediatrician: Revealing Your Baby’s Sex Might Traumatize Him

The medical establishment is losing its bearings. Caught in the twilight zone of transgender alt-reality, where hurt feelings matter more than hard science, America’s pediatricians see a new threat on the horizon – the ‘gender reveal’ phenomenon.

Is Feminism the Answer to Sexual Harassment?

Professional feminists actually helped midwife the loose sexual culture we have today. Arguably, this culture has permitted men to behave even more shabbily toward women than the old mores did.

What’s Changed Since Humanae Vitae?

Europe is contracepting itself into demographic oblivion. And that means that Paul VI has been thoroughly vindicated in his warnings, in Humanae Vitae, about the effects of a “contraceptive culture.”

Harvey Weinstein and Feminism

Feminism made a critical misstep when it joined forces with the sexual revolution in the 1970s. It would be healthier for our culture if feminism were more realistic about human nature.

Do Conservatives Take Rape Seriously?

Rape and sexual assault are genuine problems on college campuses. The question is why and what can be done about it.

Leftists Feed Extremists They Fear with Attacks on Amy Wax

If the Left cannot get past its blinkered view that all discussions of character and behavior are code for racism, it will do great harm to all, but most especially to minorities and the poor.