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You Can Choke on Schadenfreude

As a policymaker, Joe Biden needs to be held accountable for his poor judgment about standards of proof in sexual misbehavior cases. It’s quite a different matter to say that he personally should face a false accusation to achieve poetic justice.

Biden and the Problem of Touch

Before we close the books with the #MeToo conclusion that touching is “problematic,” we might want to consider some other evidence that suggests we aren’t touching enough.

The Show Trial of Brett Kavanaugh

In evaluating the testimony of Brett Kavanaugh and his accusers, how are outsiders expected to judge where the truth lies?

The Great #MeToo Awakening

The evangelical Protestant world is the latest to be shaken by revelations of sexual abuse and sexism.

A Little Too Much Reality in the Trump Reality Show

President Trump vehemently denies accusations of groping and affairs, but this week it seems that the elaborate and expensive efforts he has undertaken to conceal his behavior are unraveling a bit.

Is Flirting Sexual Harassment?

For the last several decades, in matters of sex, it has been more or less anything goes. That may be changing as we speak.

Is Feminism the Answer to Sexual Harassment?

Professional feminists actually helped midwife the loose sexual culture we have today. Arguably, this culture has permitted men to behave even more shabbily toward women than the old mores did.