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Can Feminists Cure What Ails Men?

Leading feminists would do well to remove their women-centric blinders and examine the situation of young men more sympathetically.

Why I Write

Feminism was supposed to expand women’s choices, and in some ways it did, but by devaluing marriage, it has left many women — especially those with less education — struggling to handle all of the responsibilities of parenthood on their own. But it’s possible to reverse these trends.

The Price of Feminism

To the degree that feminism gave women a boost of self-confidence, it can take a bow. But women also want and need the security of marriage and the profound fulfillment of motherhood.

Making Sense of Eric Schneiderman

Today, feminists are grappling with the long roster of supposedly “enlightened” i.e. feminist men who’ve turned out to be serial abusers or worse.