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Justin Trudeau and the Dictatorship of Relativism

The government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau embodies the dictatorship of relativism: the imposition of a relativistic morality on everyone by coercive state power, with poor people often the losers.

Men Without Conviction, Churches Without People

If ministers of the gospel cannot challenge the world’s distortions of the gospel with the truth of the gospel, is it any wonder that their church pews are empty?

The Uses of Friendships: Moses Mendelssohn

The life of 18th-century German intellectual Moses Mendelssohn does not hold some secret answer to the challenges that confront our age. But he offers a model of taking such challenges seriously, and of keeping in mind the importance not only of toleration and of steadfastness but also of friendship, which can sometimes bridge the two.

America’s Francification, Part Trois: Secularism

America is not secularizing in the same way as France has, but its own path toward a watered-down religious middle, led by an aggressive and resourceful secular minority, may lead to the same outcome.

Remembering Peter Berger

Peter Berger had a remarkable gift for intellectual curiosity, indefatigable good humor, and an admirable willingness to admit that he was, on occasion, wrong.

Zombie Catholics vs. French Secularism

If there is a Catholic revival in France, it may be starting in the cities, with the highly educated and, as the presidential campaign to be decided on May 7 may prove, with those highly attuned to politics.

Dr. James K.A. Smith at the March 2016 Faith Angle Forum

This heavy concentration of the atmosphere of immanence, this kind of claustrophobia, of living in the immanent frame will intensify a sense of living in a wasteland for subsequent generations, and many young people will begin to explore beyond the boundaries.

The New Intolerance: An Adaptation of the First Annual First Things Lecture

With the tide of secularism rising, Christians in particular are faced with the challenge of protecting human dignity, objective moral values, religious liberty, and authentic freedom in the face of growing hostility toward religious faith and religious believers.

From Campus Bullies to Empty Churches

There is an under-explored relationship between the well-documented decline in Western churchgoing, especially among Millennials, and the simultaneous rise of a toxic public force on campuses across the Western world: the new intolerance.