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Limit Some Guns for Cosmetic Reasons

Pending renewal of our family life, it might not be crazy to place limits on some guns for cosmetic reasons.

Don’t Name Mass Shooters

The sick desire for fame — even when purchased through atrocity — seems to be at work in many mass shootings. Would denying perpetrators the attention they seek diminish the attraction?

In Defense of ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

The urgency and vigor of those who despise the notion of “thoughts and prayers” would only be justified in their reaction if there were indeed a magic button we could push to fix the problem of gun violence tomorrow. And there isn’t.

In Las Vegas, a Peculiarly American Madness Rears Its Ugly Head

Our culture, for complex reasons, has given rise to a new expression of madness – the mass shooting followed by suicide. The American psychosis of mass shootings isn’t just a gun problem.

The Left’s Latest Feel-Good Gun-Control Proposals Still Wouldn’t Help

The latest liberal calls for “commonsense” gun laws are simply moral grandstanding, and not a word of it holds up under scrutiny.