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God’s Harsh and Dreadful Love

That the journey to Easter always passes through Good Friday is an annual reminder that the divine love burning its way through history is harsh and dreadful as well as compassionate and merciful.

What Covers a Multitude of Sins?

As welcome as the clarity of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s statement on same-sex unions may be, that clarity does not absolve any of us from the work of loving our enemies, let alone our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sexual Healing

Jennifer Roback Morse’s The Sexual State provides a comprehensive, well-documented analysis of the Sexual Revolution and outlines what seems to be a more livable and politically viable alternative.

Reality Check: Gender Diversity is Driven by a Top-Down Ideological Movement

How did transgenderism, gender fluidity, and the like gain such traction? And can we just wait it out? We must counter gender ideology now, before we find ourselves in a world we no longer recognize.

Intolerance and Evangelization

Cardinal Robert Sarah understands that any serious effort to follow Pope Francis and heal, evangelize, and convert the culture today requires recognizing the truth of the culture wars.

Bathroom Guidelines Open Cultural Fault Line

The Obama Administration’s latest “guidance” confirms that schools are ground zero for the promotion of gender ideology. But even ideologues can’t change reality — and it’s up to us to have the courage to say so.

Hands off the Ladies’ Rooms

Now that the Supreme Court has big-footed that question, culture warriors are prowling for new realms of transgression to embrace. So, coming to a bathroom near you — transgenderism.

After Justice Scalia

It is far too early to know how the struggle to fill Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court will resolve itself. But it’s not too early to do Justice Scalia one last honor and ask the question, why is that struggle so crucial? Why has the Supreme Court become such a Leviathan in our national public life?

How Christians Can Flourish in a Same-Sex-Marriage World

By many accounts, orthodox Christians have lost the culture wars. How they can live well—not vanish—in a time of retreat.

Catholic Education: Antidote to ‘Ideological Colonization’ in America

It should trouble us that public schools, which are heavily invested in promoting a warped view of sexuality and a deformed view of the person and human freedom, direct the social, intellectual and, at times, moral formation of our children.