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The Meaning of the Left’s Attacks on an 18th Century Franciscan Friar

Activists see Fr. Junipero Serra as an emblem of Spanish colonialism and thus a potent symbol of the sins of imperialism. But the Franciscan friar’s life in the missions of what later became California was a testament to the inestimable dignity of every human being, especially the poor and vulnerable.

Mother Teresa Sometimes Didn’t Believe in God. That Makes Her an Example of Faith.

Mother Teresa’s incredible perseverance in the face of her spiritual hardships makes her an even greater saint than we already thought, not a “worse” one.

The Saints and All of Us

The lives of the holy spouses of Lisieux are a great witness to the incredible capacity of the Catholic Church for self-renewal.

The Amazing, and Now Venerable, Father Al

Father Aloysius Schwartz’s life and accomplishments are a reminder that God really is profligate with gifts of grace, and that saints-in-the-making are all around us as companions on the way.