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What I Will Teach My Children About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ginsburg lived a heroic life in many ways. But to truly realize across our culture her noble vision for caregiving, we will have to point our children to others, those who recognize unborn children not as potential hindrances to the contributions we might make in the world but as reasons for greater solidarity with one another.

What We Can Learn about Abortion from the Thailand Cave Disaster

Ultrasound is like the cameras that captured images of the boys trapped in a cave in Thailand. It reveals the humanity of those inside a dark, inaccessible place.

Après Gorsuch Le Deluge

Reason is another victim of Roe vs. Wade. The Gorsuch hearings underscored that. Which does not bode well for the future.

Injudicious Ginsburg

Justice Ginsburg’s gratuitous comments about the marriage cases pending before the Supreme Court are unethical and should require her recusal.