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Russian Purgatory

Twentieth-century terror for terror’s sake—mass suffering and death at the call of a tyrant’s devastating whim, in the service of absolute nihilism—ravaged the soul of the Russian people. Their soul’s current pitiable state bespeaks the ordeal through which it passed under the evil regime of Soviet communism.

So Much for Trump’s ‘Love’ of the Military

President Trump has made concern for “our great military” one of his calling cards. So where is his rage at Putin for putting targets on their backs?

Pope John Paul II’s Soviet Spy

Even to a hardened nonbeliever, the Polish pontiff could be ‘a source of light.’

Icons on Ammo Boxes

Throughout the 20th century—the greatest period of martyrdom in history—persecuted Christians used the dross of this world to make religious artifacts. This deeply Catholic instinct for transforming what is dead or death-dealing into something life-affirming and life-giving continues today in Ukraine.

Lessons of Chernobyl

The excellent HBO series Chernobyl offers an overdue glimpse into the leviathan of lies that was the Soviet system.

Eastern Catholics and the Universal Church

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church offers the world Church a living example of the truth that the only Catholicism that can attract 21st-century men and women to friendship with the Lord Jesus Christ and incorporation into his body, the Church, is Catholicism-in-full.

Trump’s Critics Were Wrong. He’s Not a Madman in Foreign Policy.

In 2016, fears were rampant that Donald Trump would not be able to handle an international crisis, that he would react either recklessly or timidly and thereby hurt U.S. security. We’re going through a period of intense global pressure right now, and so far he has proved up to the task.

Ukraine’s Presidential Election Was, among Other Things, a Rebuke to Moscow

It’s in the West’s interest to support Ukraine in its democratic transition.

Will Conservatives Give Russia a Pass?

The conservative media world, along with all but a few Republican members of Congress, are ignoring the copious evidence in the Mueller report that Russia interfered in our election and continues to do so.

Mueller Did the Right Thing

The investigation wasn’t a ‘witch hunt,’ and the integrity of the system has been vindicated.