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For Republicans, a Reckoning Is Coming

In the aftermath of Doug Jones’s victory, many Republicans are saying they “dodged a bullet” because Democrats would have used “Senator” Moore to discredit the entire Republican party. Their relief is understandable but premature.

Why I Can No Longer Call Myself an Evangelical Republican

For now a solid majority of Republicans and self-described evangelicals are firmly aboard the Trump train, which is doing its utmost to give a seat of privilege to U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. So for those of us who still think of ourselves as conservative and Christian, it’s enough already.

The Museum of the Bible and the Roy Moore Embarrassment

In the case of Roy Moore, the defense of the right to life and of marriage rightly understood, against what is perceived to be a tidal wave of aggressive secularist relativism, is similarly warping political judgment — this time, the judgment of people who profess to be the people of the Bible.