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New Poll Finds That Most Americans Want Abortion to Be Rare or Illegal

Gallup’s latest survey on abortion reveals a nation evenly split between pro-life and pro-choice.

Today’s Slave Traders Get Botox

Celebrities, politicians, journalists make it clear that without abortion, we can only be headed to The Handmaid’s Tale. The tidy fear-mongering narrative, the perfectly coiffed hair, the manicured hands, the on-trend fashions, all speak a convincing language of authority and truth. But at some point, we need to pull back the curtain a bit more and expose the lies delivered by the silver-tongued and perfectly groomed.

A Time for Courage on the Supreme Court

The justices should emulate the courage of their predecessors in Brown v. Board of Education, restore the Court to its proper role as faithful interpreter of the Constitution and begin to repair the vast damage caused by Roe and Casey.

The Supreme Court Can Finally Overturn ‘Roe v. Wade.’ It Should Do It.

The Supreme Court’s decision to review the constitutionality of Mississippi’s ban on almost all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy will likely be a watershed in the nearly 50-year battle over Roe v. Wade.

What the Media Won’t Tell Us about Abortion

No matter how safe or clean a clinic might seem, every abortion ends with an empty womb and the death of an unborn child.

With Xavier Becerra at HHS, the Biden Administration Will Be Pro-Abortion

Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Health and Human Services Department confirms his administration’s commitment to abortion on demand.

Lincoln, Douglas, and the Failure of Colorado’s Pro-Life Vote

A cherished defense of those who favor legal abortion later in pregnancy is that such procedures are incredibly rare and are made available only when a mother’s health is at risk or her unborn child suffers from a life-threatening disease. Perhaps such a belief is comforting, but it nevertheless conflicts with reality.

The Toxic Waste of Roe v. Wade

A Supreme Court that hollows out or even reverses Roe v. Wade will not settle the American abortion debate; it will return the issue to the states, where there will be mixed results for the cause of life.

Why Finding Justices Who Will Overturn Roe v. Wade Hasn’t Been Easy, And What to Do About It

Any effort to seat justices who will overturn Roe needs to take account of the serious political obstacles that stand in the way. We must not surrender in the face of these obstacles. But we must recognize them in order to navigate through them.

Why the Democratic Convention Ignored Abortion

Biden–Harris is the most pro-abortion ticket in history — and the Democratic Party is out of step with its own voters.