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Republicans Are Right to Oppose Biden’s Bloated Spending Plans. But They Need Their Own Blueprint.

President Biden’s proposed $4 trillion in new federal spending gives Republicans a familiar target to attack. The GOP should also treat the bloated plans as an opportunity to craft its own blueprint outlining what it can support.

Whose Republicans?

Today’s conservatives must follow Reagan’s example and reapply their principles to meet today’s economic and political realities.

Some Uncomfortable Questions for Democratic Candidates

Any Republican who imagined that the sickening double standard that the press applies to Democrats and Republicans would have been sated by six years of genuflection to Obama should now be fully awake.

The Submerging Democratic Majority

If Republicans want to take hold of an “emerging Republican advantage” in future elections, they must present a positive image of the party that incorporates healthy respect for private initiative with an eagerness to make government work for the average person and the struggling person.

The Reform Tightrope

To be successful, the GOP presidential candidates must find language that conveys both a determination to pursue economic reforms and an attentiveness to the struggles of low and moderate income families.

The Battle for U.S. History

At some point, Common Core may attempt to adopt objectionable history standards. That hasn’t happened yet. In the meantime, the College Board is the battlefield.

How to Replace Obamacare

The ACA cannot be displaced with abstractions and good intentions. What’s needed is a workable and politically viable plan.

Lessons from the 1995 Strategy

To be trusted with control of the White House in 2017, Republicans will need to demonstrate that they have the strategic vision, tactical skill, and ability to execute on a coherent agenda between now and the next presidential election.