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Homelessness, Party-Style

I shall undoubtedly vote for Republicans down the ballot in November. Leading Republicans still promote an agenda of national renewal that seems to me more reflective of Catholic social doctrine than anything on offer from the Democrats. But I cannot bring myself to vote for Donald Trump for president, even under the rubric of playing strategic electoral defense.

Why Christians Are So Upset About Same-Sex Marriage

At the end of the day, same-sex marriage acted as a catalyst for all sorts of other trends that made Christians realize just how little work they had done, and just how much they still have to do.

The Culture Wars v. the Culture of Life

A utilitarian society will be dramatically less humane than a society that honors the principle of human dignity and extends it to those in every season and station in life.

Conservatives and the Need for an Appealing Governing Philosophy

Republican primary voters should choose the conservative candidate best able to articulate and implement an appealing public philosophy for life in the 21st century.

Why Marco Rubio Would Be the Strongest Republican Candidate

The Florida senator has been on the national stage for four years, during which time he has distinguished himself not only as the most inspirational speaker in the Republican party but also as a serious policy innovator.

Government Is Not The Enemy

Too often, Republicans express a purely negative vision of government. This is both politically perilous and intellectually inadequate.

Jeb’s Prospects

The establishment agenda Jeb Bush seems poised to offer is strikingly out of step with the voters who will decide the 2016 Republican nomination and the general election.

Conservatives in Name Only

Conservatism is famously anti-utopian, understanding life’s imperfections and the limitations of politics. Knowing this, those on the right shouldn’t become enraged or forlorn when the world itself doesn’t fully conform to their hopes.

The Battle for U.S. History

At some point, Common Core may attempt to adopt objectionable history standards. That hasn’t happened yet. In the meantime, the College Board is the battlefield.

Time to Start Prepping Post-Obamacare Reforms

If the Supreme Court rules against the White House in King v. Burwell, states could face a difficult choice between fixing and reinforcing Obamacare or seeing some residents lose coverage they now have. Congress should give them a third option: a viable alternative to the Affordable Care Act.