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Religious Freedom Is Not a Boon Granted by the Benign State

Just governments have obligations to protect religious freedom as an unalienable right of persons, and to regulate its exercise for the sake of the common good. They will do that regulation properly if they keep that prior obligation firmly in mind, and resist the temptation to imagine that they “confer” religious freedom on the people they serve.

What Is the American Idea?

Richard Brookhiser’s Give Me Liberty is a defense of what he calls “America’s Exceptional Idea,” an elegant and lyrical case for the ideal that has shaped America: liberty.

Religion and Polarized Politics: An Interview with Melissa Rogers and Peter Wehner

Two former White House officials discuss how religion has played a part in contributing to the country’s political climate, for better or for worse.

Being Realistic—but Hopeful—about Iran

The road to a modest modernization initiative that could open up Middle Eastern countries in a way that would not compromise their religious beliefs and Muslim identity is only through the path of the dignity of the human person.

The Catholic Journey to Religious Freedom

The Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Religious Freedom, often cited by its Latin title, Dignitatis Humanae, is rightly regarded as a watershed in the Catholic Church’s centuries-long engagement with political modernity. But what kind of engagement was it?

Remembering Congressman John Miller

The former Congressman was a good and decent man, indelibly marked with a Jewish passion for justice, remembered with affection and esteem by those privileged to know him – and remembered with honor and gratitude by those he tried to liberate from various forms of slavery.

Fencing with Bigots

Imagine a dialogue between a nominee to a federal appeals court and members of the Committee on the Judiciary of what once imagined itself “the world’s greatest deliberative body.”

America’s Francification, Part Trois: Secularism

America is not secularizing in the same way as France has, but its own path toward a watered-down religious middle, led by an aggressive and resourceful secular minority, may lead to the same outcome.

Trump’s Disappointing Executive Order and Narrow View of Religious Liberty

The order does very little to address the most pressing challenges to religious freedom that have arisen in recent years and suggests the White House misunderstands the problem.

Let’s Not Make a Deal…at Least this Deal

Helping those who have broken away from the Catholic Church come back into full communion is a noble endeavor. But the only Church unity worthy of the name is unity within the full symphony of Catholic truth.