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The Supreme Court Finally Has a Majority That Will Protect Religious Freedom

Liberals have often defended the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence as a defense of minority rights against majority tyranny. Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation shows there is now a court majority that recognizes religious rights are worthy of constitutional protection, too.

The Yeshiva Case: A Legal Path Forward

Jewish organizations and individuals have a necessary and powerful role to play in America’s ongoing discussions regarding religious liberty. Situations such as the conflict over New York’s yeshivas demonstrate how grave the stakes can be.

Religious Freedom: Bleached, Blanched, and Rinsed Out

It is fatuous to dismiss concerns over the rinsing-out of religious freedom as the overwrought fretting of culture warriors.

Who Will Speak for the Uighurs?

Speaking up for the world’s most vulnerable might help to remind us of who we once were and can be again.

We Need More than a Defense of Religious Free Exercise

While religious Americans might be able to achieve small victories around the edges by relying on the First Amendment to protect us within our small spheres, we will continue losing the cultural battle in the long run if we decline to defend our beliefs on their own terms.

From ‘Anchors Aweigh’ to Away-from-Church

The U.S. Navy forbids personnel to attend religious services off base, in a violation of their right to worship.

We Can Find Common Ground on Gay Rights and Religious Liberty

The Fairness for All Act opens the conversation the country needs to have now, when fracture and polarization seem to be reaching unsustainable levels.

Interview: George Weigel on Pope St. John Paul II and Religious Freedom

Among his vast contributions as a philosopher, theologian, and leader in the Catholic Church, John Paul II was a vigorous defender of religious freedom throughout his life.

Religious Freedom Is Not a Boon Granted by the Benign State

Just governments have obligations to protect religious freedom as an unalienable right of persons, and to regulate its exercise for the sake of the common good. They will do that regulation properly if they keep that prior obligation firmly in mind, and resist the temptation to imagine that they “confer” religious freedom on the people they serve.

What Is the American Idea?

Richard Brookhiser’s Give Me Liberty is a defense of what he calls “America’s Exceptional Idea,” an elegant and lyrical case for the ideal that has shaped America: liberty.