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Interview: George Weigel on Pope St. John Paul II and Religious Freedom

Among his vast contributions as a philosopher, theologian, and leader in the Catholic Church, John Paul II was a vigorous defender of religious freedom throughout his life.

The Catholic Journey to Religious Freedom

The Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Religious Freedom, often cited by its Latin title, Dignitatis Humanae, is rightly regarded as a watershed in the Catholic Church’s centuries-long engagement with political modernity. But what kind of engagement was it?

John Inazu at the May 2015 Faith Angle Forum

The Faith Angle Forum is a semi-annual conference which brings together a select group of 20 nationally respected journalists with 3-5 distinguished scholars on areas of religion, politics & public life.  “Religious Liberty and the American Culture Wars”  South Beach, Florida Speaker: Dr. John Inazu, Associate Professor of Law and Political Science, Washington University School of Law […]

The D-word is coming to a campus near you

“We engage in education, not discrimination.” That’s how an attorney for the California State University system put it, in explaining to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship why 23 of its student clubs on 19 California campuses this fall have been formally “derecognized” by the state’s public university system. For the first time this semester, all California State […]