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News of Over-Regulation Reaches the New York Times

President Trump has made a start at paring back some federal regulations, but a full assault on the “kludgeocracy” will require a more comprehensive approach.

The Health-Care Villains Nobody Wants to Talk About

The case against mandatory licensure of doctors.

AFFH: Admission of Stealth Caught on Video

Evidence suggests that the Obama administration is trying to quietly implement a rule that would dramatically undercut the independence of local governments, would mean significant population transfers across metropolitan areas, and would force densified development on suburbs and cities alike.

Apartment Hunting in Paris Reminds Me Why I’m a Conservative

Well-meaning lefties reassure themselves that they are doing God’s work by punishing landlords and passing well-intentioned regulations, while the very people they are trying to help are left poorly housed (or not housed at all) by their policies.