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How to Handle the Caravans

A caravan of poor people marching north to signify their misery is not a national emergency. Our inability to keep our heads might be.

Iraqi Refugees Deserve Special Treatment

When it comes to Iraq in particular—and not only those Iraqis who directly helped the American military effort—the U.S. has distinct moral obligations.

Is Immigration Good for Immigrants?

When immigration is not a free choice, when it is undertaken because of violence and fear, it is not an unqualified good for either the immigrant or the adoptive country.

Trump’s Rhetoric on Haiti is the Kind of Thing that Will Turn This Country Into a ‘Sh******’

The media is ablaze over a question President Trump reportedly asked lawmakers in a recent Oval Office meeting on immigration.

I am Catholic—and I Don’t Know What I’m Supposed to Believe About Immigration

Catholics are split between two camps that seem intent on shouting at each other, and there are serious questions that men and women of profound faith and genuine intellect on both sides must consider.

A Warning Sign

The last few days need to serve as a bright, blaring warning to the new administration that it is not yet prepared to do its job in confronting the crises that surely lie ahead.

Paul Ryan’s Voice of Calm Reason

Given legitimate concerns about the vetting process, how badly President Obama has handled this issue (flippantly dismissing those concerns, mocking those who see things differently than he does, refusing to negotiate) and how wary the public is about accepting Syrian refugees, the plan put forward by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is prudent and sensible.

President Obama’s Hypocrisy on Syria

The debate over the Syrian refugee crisis illustrates why President Obama has been as polarizing as any president in the history of modern polling.